Chimney Repair Service

The Chimney Specialists You Can Trust

Mr Chimney is the chimney company that you can trust for all your chimney repair needs. Our skilled technicians are each a certified chimney sweep and are on call 24 hours a day to provide you with excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Each technician is a trained chimney sweep and focus on providing expert chimney work. We are licensed and insured and can promise you a safe and clean job site for your home or business for any chimney repair. We have trained masons on staff to provide you with the best masonry services possible to successfully complete your project.

Call the Chimney Doctor

If someone comes to clean my chimney, I want to be sure that they know exactly what they are doing and how to clean the chimney and repair if needed, to keep my home or business spotless and protected. Each of our technicians are kept up to date on the most reliable chimney repair techniques and we have the best equipment out there to tackle any job head on!

We have seen it all! There is no job too big or too small for Mr Chimney to handle. Mr Chimney is a family owned business servicing our community since 1969. All our employees are energetic and work well together as a team to ensure that jobs are done in a timely manner and the work is done as proposed. We treat every home or business like it is our own, inspecting and deciding on the most efficient and cost-effective means of repair. Our chimney service is family owned and operated and we take pride in our commitment to our customers to give them the best experience possible. Sometimes when we are out on a chimney cleaning call, we come across a chimney that may need some repairs. We will assess the situation, determine a few options if there is more than one and address it with the customer. We can explain in detail what the work will entail and answer any questions that they may have pertaining to the chimney work. We perform chimney repairs in residential homes, multifamily dwellings, commercial properties and businesses throughout New York in Westchester County, throughout the Hudson Valley and Rivertowns, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Rockland County, Ulster County, Brooklyn, Manhattan (NYC), the Bronx and Fairfield County, CT. You can depend on us for quality work and dedication to our trade. Our technicians are master masons and skilled in the repair of every part of the chimney from top to bottom. Quality work is what people have come to expect from Mr Chimney and our best advertising is word of mouth, our past customer’s recommendation.

Chimney Masonry Services:

Our masonry services include repointing the chimney, repointing fireboxes, rebuilding the chimney, repoint a masonry chimney, repairing brickwork, rebuilding the firebox, creating a new cement crown for the top of your chimney. We are chimney people that you can trust.

Bottom Dampers and Top Damper Repairs and Installations

We also install and repair top and bottom dampers. A top damper is a device that seals the top of your fireplace flue and opens and closes with a chain. The top damper can help to eliminate a loss of heat from the house and keep the cold air from coming in. It can also keep water animals and debris from coming into the chimney. We can also repair or install a bottom damper which can open the flue to your fireplace and allow air to pass through to start a fire or close it to protect your home from loss of heat or cold air entry. We will try to repair your existing damper and restore it to working condition. If we are unable to repair the damper, we sell and install new bottom dampers and new top dampers.

Smoke Drafting Issues

We can also repair your smoke related issues. At Mr Chimney, our skilled technicians can assess any situation you may have and provide an estimate for your chimney repair needs. We offer a variety of options for inducing a draft and allowing your chimney to function as efficiently as possible. We also sell and install turbine caps and electric chimney fans to help with your chimney drafting issues. A multi flue chimney could also be an issue and we can figure out the best possible strategy to get you draft going!

Water Leaks

Mr Chimney can help to diagnose and address your water leaks in both your home or business. Our skilled masons can perform repointing, waterproofing, repair or install new flashing, rebuild the chimney if necessary, install a standard chimney cap or a custom chimney cap or fabricate a custom-made chase pan if needed. We will work with you on the most cost-effective solution to your water leak issues and figure out the best course of action to put an end to the leak.

Chimney Lining and Chimney Relining

Most homes have a masonry chimney that contains flue liners that are either ceramic, metal or clay. When the clay and ceramic start to deteriorate from heat, hazardous gases or external factors, you need to reline the chimney to create a safe, contained, direct means of exhaust. In most cases homes and businesses have metal chimney liners which protect the chimney from exposure to hazardous fumes or breakdown over time from heat and the elements. When the chimney does not have a metal chimney liner, we can install a stainless steel chimney liner from top to bottom to safely exhaust the flue. Call us now to schedule for a technician to come out and give you an estimate for a liner installation.